Village of Big Bend, Wisconsin

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Current Population and Economic Profile

Total U.S. Census Village of Big Bend Population for 2015: 1,296

Population within 1 mile radius- 1,448

Population within 3 mile radius- 6,915

Population within 5 mile radius- 33,176

Waukesha County Population: 393,843

Waukesha County Data Profile

Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) Counts

Interstate-43- 40,100

State Highway 164- 22,900

County Highway ES- 6,500

Village of Big Bend Vital Statistics

Village of Big Bend Residential Comparison Flyer

Learn more about business and development opportunities in Big Bend’s TID and throughout the Village by contacting the Economic Development Coordinator (EDC) at (262)662-2747 or E-mail.

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