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Village Officials, Committees and Commissions

download (4)The Village of Big Bend is governed by an elected Village Board consisting of a President and six (6) Trustees. All Elected Officials serve two (2) year terms on a staggered schedule and are elected by the Village-at-large. The Village Board appoints members of the community to serve on various Committees and Commissions as well as various appointed staff positions.

Interested in serving your community as an appointed member of a Committee or Commission? The Village is constantly seeking talented residents who have a passion to use their skills and knowledge serve their community. Please fill out a Committee and Commission Interest Form.

Elected Officials Contact Information:

  • President Warren Lajsic:   262-391-8055
  • Trustee Michelle Clark: 414-708-0040
  • Trustee Mike Conn:   262-662-5474
  • Trustee Jeff Goodman:   763-258-9806
  • Trustee Larry Long:
  • Trustee Joe Kelenic:   262-442-0919
  • Trustee Kelly Renner:  414-315-4249
  • Village Judge Craig Lake:   262-662-2747

Appointed Officials

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