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The Village is home to many different species of animals. Maintaining and improving their habitats is important to the Village. Not all residents of the Village live indoors! Let’s keep the Village an open and inviting place for all walks of life.

Wisconsin DNR Wildlife and Habitat Informationdownload

Nothing quite compares with the experience of watching a wild animal in its native habitat. Wildlife in its natural setting gives us all something we need: a connection with nature and a sense of wonder, peace and beauty. Please visit the Wisconsin DNR Wildlife and Habitat Page for more information on local species and wildlife/habitat stewardship.

Enjoy Wisconsin’s Bountiful Bird Populationamerican_robin_6
Wisconsin is home to over 300 species of birds and has thousands of people who enjoy birds. Explore the links below for information on birds, bird identification, birding locations and how to get involved in bird conservation efforts. To learn more about Wisconsin’s Birds and local species, go to the Wisconsin DNR Website!

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